Our Mission

The learning curve of youth is steep. Things are tried. Mistakes are made. Sometimes the consequences are nominal. Other times, they can be life threatening. Our work helps kids make better decisions. To know when to step in. To know when things are going in the wrong direction. To know when to pivot away from potential tragedy. We give kids the knowledge they need to navigate the pitfalls of youth.


Our mission began long ago when a group of like-minded healthcare professionals got together and decided to use their extensive medical knowledge to empower youth to make better choices, especially when it comes to underage drinking and sexual misconduct when alcohol is involved, both universal issues that are addressed one kid and one community at a time.

We do this in a “connect the dots” kind of way using engaging content that’s practically explained and often topped off with a dose of humor just to keep their attention.

Instead of condemnation and “just say no” rhetoric, we focus on how to help when a situation doesn’t look right (or is potentially lethal), a form of bystander intervention that leverages the bonds of youthful friendship.

Since 1985, we’ve stuck to that mission, helping more than 70,000 kids along the way. We have expanded our programs to include learning self awareness and managing anxiety, both issues affecting teens and young adults from all communities. Whatever negatively impacts our youth on a broad scale gets our attention and energy.

I was at an after prom party on a boat, we realized that someone was so drunk she was unresponsive. We just couldn’t wake her. We knew what was most important was to get help, and that’s what we did. — Dani, student