Anxiety can be helpful or harmful. Have you ever walked into a room and thought a group of people are talking about you? Are you afraid to ask a question in class because you worry people will think you are dumb? This is anxiety. Our program teaches youth to recognize anxiety, informs them of the relationship between anxiety and the brain, and helps them develop ways to manage anxiety and change harmful thoughts. We aim to build resilience in our teens and young adults.

Combining research data with the expertise of our leaders in behavioral science, mental health, and education, our goal is to strengthen the problem solving and coping skills of teens and young adults. When anxiety is effectively dealt with, it can curb other unhealthy behaviors. This program emphasizes teens helping teens by being sensitive and supportive of each other. 


An open discussion that defines anxiety, teaches youth to recognize and manage anxiety, and change harmful thoughts. Our expert moderators present valuable information and easily explain how anxiety affects the brain and its development. We show them how to maximize brain health and balance their inner voice. We engage the audience in open dialogue and correct myths surrounding anxiety.