There is an interconnected relationship between our four Knowledge to Navigate programs. Our mission is to inspire youth to effectively deal with anxiety by first getting to the root of where those feelings come from, in learning to be self-aware. This can help curb unhealthy behaviors, like binge drinking, and protect and prevent the related sexual assaults that occur in that environment.

Self awareness is the way we perceive ourselves and others, and how others perceive us. Our perceptions create brain pathways and impact how we feel and react. Perceptions can affect how people treat us and how we treat others. We teach teens and young adults how perceptions impact their thoughts and behavior. Useful strategies to “wait… contemplate… and create” allows them to step up for themselves and others.


This is not a lecture. Rather, it is an interactive, stylized, entertaining, and easy-to-understand presentation. They talk about the impact of their IRL and online behaviors and why they may accept or exclude others. Our health professionals and other experts in the field engage the audience and demystify science while teaching valuable problem solving and coping skills.