Non Profit Spotlight – Project Community

When speaking to Dr. Anne D. Frost, President of Project Community, the

organization she co-founded in 1985 with Marie E. Grosso, RN, Vice-
President, Lynne Catena and Camelle Drago as The Nurses Network of

America, I felt and saw the passion and genuine care almost radiating
from her poised and comfortable posture. She spoke with pride about
the programs that have helped at-risk children and their families for the
past 38 years and with excitement about new projects to come. It was
refreshing to see that this seasoned professional who has recognized a
need to promote healthcare knowledge, youth safety, and empowerment
and has developed many innovative programs spoke with the energy and
enthusiasm of a newcomer. She spoke as a novice, anxious to begin an
adventure to answer the call for help. Read More