Nutrition & Immunity

The COVID-19 virus has put the world on pause. We’ve all learned critical steps to preventing the infection and improving the recovery from the virus. But what is not mentioned often enough, and is critical to fighting infection, is our immune system. How can we help make our bodies less susceptible to contracting viruses, like COVID-19, in the first place? We can strengthen our immune system!

Improve Your Immune System

Fruits and vegetables will provide you with most of the necessary nutrients to boost your immune system. Not only is it important to start eating this way in childhood, but anyone, at any age, can benefit. The immune system CAN be improved. In one study, adults between the ages of 65 and 79 who followed a Mediterranean diet – which means a diet rich in fruits, vegetables, whole grains and healthy fats (i.e. fatty fish, nuts and olive oil) – and took small supplements, (400 iu) of Vitamin D, showed an increase in disease fighting cells, such as T cells!

Foods That Work

We can improve our nutrition by eating a wide variety of foods that contain the nutrients mentioned in the attached chart. Avoid filling up on foods high in sugar, fat and calories – all of which tend to be very low in good quality nutrients. Surprisingly, we do not have to worry about weight gain when eating the following foods, as most are lower in saturated fat, sugar and calories but high in nutrients. Simple changes in what you eat can improve your immune system today. The attached chart is a guide to understanding how the nutrients in certain foods specifically affect your immune system. Place it on your fridge, or anywhere in your kitchen, and refer to it frequently!

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