The goal of our Binge Drinking program is to reduce injury and save lives, by giving students the information they need before tragedy strikes. Unlike traditional anti-drinking campaigns, our practical presentations teach students what to do in real life situations. Here are a couple “sobering” statistics about young people and binge drinking:

About 90% of underage alcohol consumption is binge drinking. Each year, it contributes to over 4,300 student deaths and is the leading cause of: accidents, homicides, suicides, brain damage, and sexual assault. Project Community wants to change these statistics, so we are committed to teaching students preventive strategies to avoid tragedies and save lives. Unlike today’s video players, real life does not have a rewind button. Our Binge Drinking program is a dramatic interactive presentation that addresses the dangers and permanent results of alcohol poisoning. Alcohol is viewed as “liquid anesthesia” and the age-old sobering tactics of hot coffee, cold showers and walking/sleeping it off are explained as damaging or life threatening. Teens are taught when and how to call for help to SAVE A FRIEND.

Part 1:

A video reenactment of binge drinking at a party. Death results from lack of intervention from friends.

Part 2:

An open discussion moderated by a registered nurse, or other health care provider, correcting myths and providing facts about alcohol consumption and toxicity. (For example, many traditional remedies like drinking coffee or “sleeping it off” could prove fatal to victims of alcohol poisoning!)