Susan Deland

Susan Varrin Deland, CPA, has been a Pelham resident for 16 years. She graduated with a degree in Economics from Princeton University, and then got her Masters in Accounting at NYU’s Stern School of Business. Susan worked in the financial services industry in New York City for twenty-four years as an accountant, an operating officer, and a lender.

A mother of two young adults, Susan now works as a financial consultant for various organizations. In 2013, Susan co-authored Spectacular Bond: Reaching the Child with Autism, which outlines the at-home therapy program that Susan utilized with her autistic daughter, Diane. Diane has enjoyed Project Community’s Project CHILDD programs for many years, an initiative for which Susan is grateful.

Susan is proud to serve on the Project Community Advisory Committee to contribute her time, talents, and energy in a variety of ways, particularly as an autism advocate.